Monday, April 06, 2009


Asylum granted in three cases

It took years – literally.

But on Monday, March 30, AFSC’s Newark, New Jersey, office received good news: several of the program’s immigrant clients received asylum.

A man from Guinea had been waiting since 2005. For a Guatemalan woman and her daughter, the decision took two years. In addition, just a few days earlier pro bono attorneys from Schulte Roth and Zabel, working with AFSC, won asylum for a Tibetan man detained at the Elizabeth Detention Center. The attorneys are now helping the man petition for his wife and children.

“Of course,” said Elissa Steiglich, “these wins are in addition to the daily victories that we often fail to recognize – the dozen plus new residents ushered in last month, the unemployed Cubans who now have the work permit to give them a hope of a job, the kids who have an advocate at their side, and the dozens of clients calmed by Myrna’s smile and good will.”

Steglich is managing attorney for the New York metropolitan region’s Immigrants’ Rights program.