Monday, April 06, 2009

What You Can Do: Economic Crisis

Thank you for your calls to the Senate to help pass President Obama’s budget!

AFSC activists made hundreds of calls, contributing to the effort to successfully pass a Senate budget resolution that invests in human needs.

This is a strong and fair budget that funds human needs programs that have long been starved for cash, but are needed now more than ever. It will:
  • Create jobs,
  • Fight poverty,
  • Create a path towards universal health care, and
  • Invest in priorities like education and low-income housing.

AFSC and hundreds of other organizations in the Campaign to Rebuild and Renew America Now called on Congress to pass President Obama’s budget outline for the coming fiscal year. This is the first step in a process to begin using our tax dollars, to reinvest our nation’s resources in health, education, housing and other programs that lift up the common good. Under President Bush, federal funding for dozens of vital programs that benefit children, youth, elders, and our communities were severely cut.

Now, in a time of global economic crisis, our nation must ensure that people are able to meet their basic needs and move forward. President Obama’s budget increases funding for vital U.S. social programs, foreign aid, and diplomacy. While we are disappointed that the budget does not cut military spending, AFSC will work to build on the President’s priorities as outlined in this budget, and to seek ways to decrease military spending.

What’s next:
The House and Senate each passed their own budget resolutions. In a couple of weeks, they will meet in a conference to work out the differences. Then, in mid-April, they’ll vote once again on a final budget resolution.

Watch the AFSC Economic Justice page for more details!