Monday, September 18, 2006

"I think we missed the boat with this one"

There was an excellent article by the Associate Press on Friday ( Immigration Raid Makes a Ghost Town) that illustrates what the future could be like if enforcement-only immigration measures are passed in Congress.

In the small town of Stillmore, Georgia, more than 120 illegal immigrants have been rounded up and detained for deportation and the community has been made a virtual ghost town.

The article included telling quotes from U.S. citizens in the community, statements that Congressional representatives should listen to.

"These people come over here to make a better way of life, not to blow us up," complained Keith Slater, who keeps a portrait of Ronald Reagan on the wall. "I'm a die-hard Republican, but I think we missed the boat with this one."

Trailer park operator David Robinson told AP "These people might not have American rights, but they've damn sure got human rights," Robinson said. "There ain't no reason to treat them like animals."

ACTION STEP: Copy and paste the article above and e-mail it to your representative in the House. Tell him/her that this is not what you want your country to turn into.