Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The House stands tough

Things are moving rapidly on Capitol Hill this week. After months of delay and the November elections not far ahead, the House is seeking quick action on two new bills on issues they already covered in HR 4437. There's been some last minute shuffling that have changed the bill number but here's the latest both bills (Special thanks to the National Immigration Forum):

H.R. 6095, Immigration Law Enforcement Act would mandate that local and state police to enforce immigration laws. This majorly bad idea has been floating around Washington for a while as the CLEAR ACT. The National Immigration Forum has more information here.

This bill would also make it possible to detain someone INDEFINITELY if they can't be deported, even though the Supreme Court found this unconstitutional.

This bill would also shield government employees from accountability from misdeeds while enforcing the law (Remember the recent deaths at the border and the lawsuit?)

H.R. 6094, Community Protection Act would further tie the hands of immigration judges in considering deportation for cases for individuals who may have committed a crime in the past but are now turning their lives around. Similar provisions were enacted 10 years ago with disastrous effect (1 million people deported and families destroyed). This bill would give Homeland Security UNCHECKED POWER to deport people it sees fit to remove from the country. This bill also would deport anyone SUSPECTED of being in a gang even if they have never committed a crime or are actually a gang member.


Contact your Representative TODAY and tell them to vote against H.R. 6094 and 6095.

Here's what the National Immigration Forum suggests you should say "They will not work to fix our broken immigration system. Congress should stop playing politics with immigration and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Any law that does not take into account the reality that immigrants come here to work and to be with their families is a waste of resources and time. Giving the government unchecked powers to punish immigrants, and making local police chase after immigrants will only drive undocumented immigrants further underground. It will not fix the problem; it will make matters worse."

Here are some other links to alerts released by other immigrants rights coalitions:

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