Friday, February 13, 2009

VICTORY: Stimulus deal strengthens safety net and drops E-Verify and nuclear weapons funding!

Call your senators and representative today!

Congress and the White House have reached an agreement on a $789 billion stimulus package, clearing the way for final votes in both chambers by this weekend and President Obama’s signature by Monday.

Thank you! Your calls made a difference! An outpouring of grassroots calls helped create a package AFSC supports.


· Aid to states to help them continue to fund vital services.

· Federal funding for food and unemployment benefits.

· Funds for affordable housing and emergency shelter.

The bill DROPS:

· Anti-worker E-Verify program for entities receiving recovery funds.

· $1 billion funding for nuclear weapons-related activities.

Let’s ensure the recovery package is quickly passed!

Call your U.S. senators and representative toll-free* today at 1-800-473-6711.

Thank them if they supported the economic recovery package and urge them to vote “yes” on its final passage.

Click here to find your senators and representative and their direct phone number if the toll-free line is busy. Thank you if you called before. Please call again now to see this through to final passage.

Click here for a summary of what’s in the recovery bill and other resources on the crisis.

*This toll-free number is provided by the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization which works for social and economic justice and peace ( AFSC welcomes groups to use the number in support of non-partisan work and without linking it to a website that solicits donations or actions, which may be used to support partisan lobbying or work.