Friday, September 19, 2008

Local Victory in Florida

By Lucio Perez-Reynozo
AFSC – Miami, Florida

In times of difficulty, in times of persecution of millions of undocumented individuals and families, a sign of relief for a few day labor workers is in place.

The City of Lake Worth (Palm Beach County, Florida) has approved a Resource Center for daily workers in spite of opposition. Read more on the city’s decision in this Palm Beach Post article.

The City of Lake Worth is a small city with a significant Maya population that has embraced the City as its own. Maya people began to settle in Lake Worth during the middle of the 1980s at the time when thousands of people fled Guatemala because of mass killings and genocide.

The people bring with them a culture that has been in existence for thousands of years, including different languages. Most of those who have settled in the city speak Kanjobal and Mam.

Hopefully, the Resource Center will be an educational center for everyone who wants to learn, including those who opposed its development.

Link: AFSC-Miami