Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Votes on Family Amendments TODAY

Updated at 1:00 PM EST

The Senate plans to vote on as many as 15 amendments TODAY on the immigration bill (S. 1348).

Amendments from yesterday's alert including the Menendez-Hagel amendment (#1194), which we support will be among them, since votes were postponed due to the memorial of Senator Thomas (R-WY). Thanks to your efforts, the Cornyn amendment (#1184) failed today by a vote of 46 in favor and 51 opposed.

Please take five minutes to call your Senators NOW so they know your views before they vote.

Call using this the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and follow the instructions to connect to the offices of your Senators.

Urge your Senators to

SUPPORT Amendment #1191 (Lieberman Amendment) to provide safeguards for the fair treatment of asylum seekers, protect them from unjust detention, and improve conditions of detention centers.

SUPPORT Amendment #1199 (Dodd Amendment) to increase the number of green cards for parents of U.S. citizens to 90,000 from 40,000.

SUPPORT Amendment #1183 (Clinton Amendment) to allow lawful permanent residents to sponsor their spouses and minor children to join them in the United States. Currently in the Senate bill, the "immediate relative" preference category applies only to the spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens.

Call as soon as you can since voting will begin this morning. Thank you!