Thursday, May 31, 2007

AFSC Supports DWN Call-in Day

The United States is committed to principles of democracy and fairness, yet hundreds of people are confined in jails near your home, frequently without access to counsel, and often transferred to other states, without contact with their families.



As part of the DWN Week of Action
Coordinated with the Rights Working Group

Take Action!
Urge Congress Not to Increase Detention But Restore Fairness and Justice to the Immigration System

Congressional offices are hearing loudly from all sides of the immigration spectrum. At the same time, reporters have indicated that they were not aware of the detention and due process provisions in the proposed immigration legislation.

NOW is the time for us to make some noise! Detention and Due Process cannot remain hidden in the shadows of the debate; don't wait! Today is the day our voices must be heard!

The immigration "compromise" bill being debated in the Senate contains many of the same deportation and detention provisions included in last year's controversial bills, including:

* Adds 20,000 detention beds

* Mandates the use of closed military bases for detention

* Expands the grounds for deportation

* Overturns two Supreme Court cases to legalize indefinite detention

* Restricts judicial review in several areas

We MUST tell the Senate and the House that these provisions will not fix our broken immigration system. In considering any immigration reform legislation, they must restore due process to our immigration system, they must oppose attempts to expand mandatory detention and deportation laws, and they must support proposals that create a safer and humane detention system.

Call your Senator and/or Congress member and ask him or her to:

1) OPPOSE attempts to expand mandatory detention and deportation grounds. Support proposals that allow immigration judges to weigh circumstances in ALL individual cases.

2) SUPPORT proposals for a safe and humane detention system. Support the Safe and Secure Detention Act (which may be voted on Monday!) and fund alternatives to detention.

3) OPPOSE the expansion of detention beds and the use of military bases as detention centers.

4) PROTECT due process in immigration proceedings and keep real judicial review.

Please Call Your Senators and Representatives TODAY - MAY 31, 2007!

To find who your congressperson is, go to:

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* Who you are and why you care (I work with people or family members affected by detention.)

* Use talking points from section above and cite real people you've worked with who would be harmed, if safe and appropriate.

Please contact DWN staff at if you have any questions.

Make your voice heard!

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The AFSC believes that the detention of immigrants is an ineffective and misguided attempt to regulate migration. We urge an immigration policy that respects the humanity and dignity of individuals and families. We call for an end to the use of detention to solve complex human problems.

For more information on detention and the rights of detained immigrants visit AFSC's Newark based immigrants rights program here and the Detention Watch Network website at