Friday, August 11, 2006

New Study: Immigrants not hurting U.S. jobs

Yesterday the Pew Hispanic Center released an interesting study that shows that immigrants have no impact on U.S. citizen job-seekers. The study found "no apparent relationship between the growth of foreign workers with less education and the employment outcome of native workers with the same low level of education."

Now it will be interesting to see if anti-immigrant Congressional representatives will make note of this study at all. Many of them have been claiming the exact opposite (see Senator Sessions OpEd from last week). Facts, however, are not as important these days as grandstanding. So it's up to you to remind them to look at reality.

ACTION STEP: Send an e-mail to your senators or representatives in the House and send them the link for this study:
Tell them to read it and consider it when they get back to the work of reforming immigration policy.