Sunday, April 09, 2006

The "Blame Game" (and April 10 rallies)

Over the weekend, President Bush used his radio address to lay blame for the failure of the immigration reform at the feet of the Democrats, especially Senator Henry Reid of Nevada. Apparently Seantor Reid was concerned about a number of radical amendments that were out there that some Republicans were threatening to add to the bill.

According to Traci Hong of the Asian American Justice Center, Reid was opposed to amendments that would have undermined the earned adjustment and temporary worker provisions (ex. - Kyl amendment that would have barred people with removal or voluntary departure orders from participating in the earned adjustment program or the Isakson amendment that would have prevented earned adjustment or temporary worker programs from starting until DHS certified that the borders were "secure"), which would have undermined the compromise that they were trying to reach.

Senator Specter said the Judiciary Committee will try again after the recess on April 27 and hope to have something together by May 4. So this ain't over yet...

On Sunday, jouranlist Chris Mattews said on NBC that the Senate needs a bill with “teeth and heart”. Mattews and his panel of 13 “experts” (that included wall-builder and yellow journalist par excellance Lou Dobbs) are prediciting that nothing will be passed on immigration this year.

On the same show, Lou Dobbs said that working men and women will be giving their senators an earful over the Congressional recess about putting the concerns of "illegals" before their constituents.


Taking this cue from Lou, pro-immigrant folks should contact their senators over the next two weeks in their home offices. and express their concern about the legislation, namely its punitive and limited nature.

** Join one of the many rallies and marches being planned for Monday April 10. Check out for info about a rally in your community!